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Am being harassed by CPS,under false pretense,what can I do.No case or anything needed to be open.

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Vanderbilt hospital called them because I wanted to change hospital for my 4 day old daughter.I felt like they wanted to experiment on my daughter.They threaten me with this ,also made me stay with their team of doctors.I missed 1 appointment with them and they called CPS again.She is almost 10 months now,Doing great, making all her appointments CPS is still calln me. She is coming along well.Also my mother is a nurse so I got great help with her.She had alot of health issues,am 20 years old and take great care of her.They fill like they can treat me any way because of my age.I need Justice in this matter.I still continue to go to Vanderbilt,but I don't need to be treated like am a bad parent for no reason.It was no need for their envolvment just because Iwas going to change hospitals.

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I recommend you keep accurate records (a calendar, copies of all medical records, copies of all Dr. visits, reasons for any missed appointments). Speak with your own personal pediatric doctor and follow their medical advice. You should keep these records to show that you are taking care of the child appropriately in case there is ever any legal issue.

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything you can do to stop the doctors from treating you this way other than changing care providers. I would caution you not to do this without having a doctor of your own willing to back the decision.

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