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Alright well about two days ago I figured out a so called friend stole my check book and forged my name and stole $800 total on

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Alright well about two days ago I figured out a so called friend stole my check book and forged my name and stole $800 total on two separate checks. She texted a couple people about it and we have evidence.. I talked to her parents about it and they pleaded for me to forgive her and said they'd repay her debts.. I accepted, just because I got to talk to her on the phone with her parents and she apologized admitted she was wrong on top of the sorrow for her family. Now I found out more information from the same people she texted before saying she did it out of hatred and lied about her apologies and a whole lot of detail to type.. with that being said could I still charge her? She truly deserves it and does stuff like this all the time just not as extreme and it's getting worse not to mention she's on drugs. I found out two days ago this has happened. When she forged it it was on the 8th and 11th. What all would she be charged with if I can?

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The county attorney makes the charging decision. If you file a complaint, then your friend may be charged with felony forgery and/or theft.

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You do not have the authority to charge her, and the decision whether she is charged or not does not lie with you. From what you describe you have valid reason to believe that a crime was committed, and you would certainly be acting properly if you were to report this matter to the police. If you do so the police will conduct whatever investigation they consider appropriate and, if they (not you) believe that there is criminal conduct they will refer the matter to the State's Attorney. The State's Attorney is the one who decides whether to bring a charge and, if so, what charge ishould be filed.

It is your call . . . for now. Once you tell the police about the matter it becomes their call, not yours anymore. If you are having a hard time making a decision it might be helpful to consult an attorney for advice., as well as talking this over with your parents.

Your feeling of responsibility in this situation speaks well for you.

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