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Almost a Serious Injury Today from cedar shakes falling off a double 18 wheeler. Legislation to cover loads.

Eatonville, WA |

My wife and I were driving to the Seattle VA hospital today , Feb 26 , 2013 , when pieces of Cedar Shakes flew off two trailers pulled by one tractor . One sailed threw the air and damaged our windshield . Only a little ding but it was scary . I motioned for the truck to pull over and tried to let him know shakes were flying off his truck . He was oblivious to it all and I had no time to stop as it was my cancer doctor I'm seeing . I have all the info I need : License Plate # , Time , Location , Company . I do not sue but I would love to to make the trucking industry wake up and see legislation passed in all states requiring all loads be covered . Big money may wake them up . We had a beautiful young lady permanently disfigured , here in WA state some years ago . What can I do ? Sincerely , Nelson USAF Retired

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    Are you sure there arent already laws requiring loads be secured? Id bet there is. There is in Calif. report to Wash Highway patrol and I bet they can tell you. You should have called police on your cell phone. You can make a claim for damage to your windshield. if there isnt a law in your state, you should meet with your state senator. You can also search for federal highway laws and i bet you'll find something already there.

  2. I handle trucking cases in Washington State and understand your concerns. I would report the information to the Washington State Patrol. I hope that all is well with you, given your comment that you were on your way to your cancer doctor.

  3. Report it to the authorities.

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  4. First off, let me say thank you for your service to our country. Secondly, I would like to commend you for being concerned about this incident and taking action. All too often, matters such as this go unnoticed by the general public and result in the catastrophe you described involving the young woman who was permanently disfigured in Washington several years ago.

    That said, my advice is to contact the Washington State Patrol and notify them what happened. Because this is no longer an emergency, you can contact WSP using their District 2 non-emergency telephone number at: (425) 401-7788, Ext. 9. Your call may or may not result in action being taken, but as a concerned and responsible citizen, you can at least rest well knowing that you did your part. Best of luck.

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  5. I suggest you immediately notify the proper authorities and the trucking company if you were able to obtain that information off the truck. I hope your visit to you doctor went well.

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