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My friend has been divorced for 11 years and has been paying "lifetime alimony". He has always been emplyed in the automotive industry as a general salesmanager / F & I man. This industry is in crisis and my friend lost his job as a result of the economic situation. What are his chances of success in requesting a reduction / termination in his alimony payments. The ex-wife is working and her home is paid for. She is an alcoholic. They both live in NJ.

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Eric S Solotoff

Eric S Solotoff

Alimony Lawyer - Roseland, NJ

Changes in support are governed by a change of circumstances standard. Typically when someone loses a job, they have to make a good faith, documented effort to seek new employment before they could possibly be entitled to relief. I have recently addresed these issues on our firm's New Jersey Family Blog. The address of the post is:

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