Aiding and harboring a fugitive with felony charge

Asked about 2 years ago - Pittsburgh, PA

Can a mother get charged with aiding and abetting in pa if she helps her son (21 yo) leave the state after a officer comes to her door with a warrant for him for burglary felony 2? There wasn't a hearing yet cause they can't find him. What if she says she doesn't know where he is when they come back looking for him again, but she really does? Can they get her phone records? What about his little brother who is 14? Can he get in trouble if he lies to the police?

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  1. James W. Zerillo


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    Answered . Initially,I would advise you not to post detailed information concerning pending criminal matters.Secondly,the mother can be charged if it is determined that she knew of her son's whereabouts or assisted in his absconding.Phone records can be obtained by warrant or subpoena.The brother,being 14,can be charged and if the charges are proven would be adjudicated "delinquent" in Juvenile Court.

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  2. Charles Anthony Rick

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    Answered . The mother can absolutely be charged. They will be able to request the phone records. The younger brother will also likely be charged if the police believe that he is also aware of what is going on and is lying.

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