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Aggravated Harassment, Misdemeanor in New York, applying for citizenship.

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Hi, I'm a college student, 20 years old. I was convicted for Aggravated Harassment in May 2012 for anonymously emailing my friend. I have green card since 2005. I just had to do 28 hours of community service and the judge reduced charges to disorderly conduct and sealed it. My lawyer told me to apply for citizenship 6 months after conviction (in November, 2012). What should I do? The email I sent was just a joke but a friend of mine took some past revenge with me and made a police complaint. Please help me. Can I still become U.S. citizen? Is this a crime of moral turpitude? I have no other criminal charges on me. Its only this one.

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  1. Determining whether you committed a crime of moral turpitude would require a review of all the facts surrounding your conviction. I'd advise a client to wait at least five years after the conviction.

    Consult with a competent attorney or BIA-accredited representative before filing for citizenship or traveling outside of the U.S, as travel could subject you to removal (deportation) proceedings upon reentry into the U.S.

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  2. Mr Green gives great advice

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  3. Disorderly Conduct is not a crime in NY. I suggest you sit down with an immigration lawyer to go over your options. Deciding what to do based on different answers you get on-line is a bad idea because no one here knows the full facts of your case.

    I am a former federal and State prosecutor and now handle criminal defense and personal injury/civil rights cases. Feel free to check out my web site and contact me at (212) 385-8015 or via email at The above answer is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your situation.

    You should contact an attorney to discuss your questions as additional information would be helpful. What are the specifics of the charge? Do you prefer to take a gamble now or wait if it's safer but then it will take longer? Etc.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    Please remember that I do not normally monitor these questions after I have posted a reply.

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