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AGG Count 1, AGG Count 2 what exactly does this mean?

Wilmington, IL |

My sister was hit by a drunk driver 2 months ago and he was charged with AGG Count 1, AGG Count 2 and Failure to Reduce Speed. What exactly does this mean? And what could this mean with him doing his time in jail? Does this also mean he is not being charged with a DUI? Because I found out this is his 2nd one.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. AGG is an abbreviation for aggravated.

  2. I'm sorry your sister was hit by a drunk driver. Not sure about the DUI - the aggravated counts may be that it his 2nd DUI and therefore it is an aggravated offense. You may want to contact the police department to find out the status. If it's left their hands, contact your D.A.

  3. The man was charged with Aggravated DUI based upon the fatality and of course his previous DUI. He could receive probation or a prison sentence, depending on how the case develops and other factors. My condolences.

    This answer is not legal advise. It is merely informative. In order for there to be an attorney-client relationship, a written agreement between the parties would be required.

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