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Age difference for Green Card? I'm 20 and my wife is 41 years old. We have been married for almost a year now.

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Will this be a problem when I will be interviewed in Italy at the US Consulate for the Temporary Green Card?

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    It shouldn't be a problem ... as long as you are comfortable with the age difference and 'show' that to the Consul in Napoli.

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  2. Basically, the issue is whether or not your marriage is a bona fide marriage. What does that mean? It means that you married for love, money, convenience, or any other legitimate reason other than for her to become a citizen. Expect them to question you and her separately, and they will want to know details that any married couple should know about each other. They will probably be sceptical, but if the two of you rehearse and share personal details with each other you should get through it.

  3. Expect the question on age difference may be raised, and come up with some answer to convince them that it is a marriage for love not for immigration benefit. Get all the supporting document ready.
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  4. It will be an issue but can be overcome. The issue is whether it is a real marriage. Contact an experienced immigration attorney for assistance.

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