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AG says "Go on and forget about it".Fathers for Equal Rights do NOT defend or represent you in court. Is there any HELP for dads

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Are there any programs for fathers in the state of TX that will help establish paternity, child support, visitation and representation ? Programs that will financially help fathers with these issues without having to file bankruptcy? The AG told me to go on and forget about my child and the fact that I think I'm the father. Fathers for Equal Rights will not represent one in court. They help with documents.It seems very inhuman and unethical that fathers should have to pay thousands of $ to see their child. By the time both parents obtain an attorney, that's 10-$20,000.00, money that is needed to provide for the needs of the child. Not to mention the fact that fathers will have child support established during the process. Is there any help for fathers that want to be fathers ?

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    The reality of family law is that it's expensive for everybody when the courts have to get involved to figure out family issues involving children. A legal aid organization may be able to help you but there are no guarantees. Legal aid organizations are short on cash. If you cannot obtain assistance then you will have to decide whether it is worth finding the money to fight for your parental rights. However, you cannot complain about having child support established if you want your parental rights established as well. You have to take the responsibility with the rights.

  2. 1. yes.
    2. yes legal aid.
    3. yes.

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  3. It is hardly $10,000. If you are trying to get a simple child support order and visitation, you are looking at under 2000. It might sound like a lot, but consider child support every month for 18 years, and the value of having orders everyone must follow. The OAG is not your friend, so you need a lawyer.

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