After winning my judgment, how do I report the debtor to a credit bureau as a deadbeat, they still aren't paying anything.

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Are their agencies I can report the debtor to other than credit bureau?

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  1. Lee Willis Harwell Jr

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    Answered . I agree with Dorothy Bunce. In addition to reporting to a credit reporting agency there are ways to seize funds of the judgment debtor. The judgment does not compel payment by itself. Am abstract of the judgment can be issued by the court clerk. That abstract can be recorded in the counties where the judgment debtor may have real property. It will secure a lien on any such property which, in turn, will require payment to you before a new lender will be willing to give a loan on it. A writ of execution based on the judgment, again issued by the court clerk, can be given to the sheriff to go out an seize money in bank accounts or to go to the business location of the judgment debtor to seize the cash and checks at the business (this is called a till tap.) If the judgment debtor is an employee a wage garnishment order based on the judgment can be issued by the sheriff (again based on the writ of execution issued by the court clerk) which can be served on the judgment debtor’s employer to take a portion of the wages.

  2. Dorothy G Bunce


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    Answered . Do you subscribe to the credit bureaus' service? If not, you cannot post to their reporting services. The credit bureaus often pick up court judgments as public records, but unless you are a credit bureau customer, the credit bureau will not report information provided by you. Hope this perspective helps!

  3. Robert Harlan Stempler

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    Answered . The credit reporting agencies regularly get information directly from the Superior Courts about money judgment entered against individuals. They then attempt to link the names of the judgment debtors with consumers in their database of every consumer in the United States to report the judgment on the credit reports of the correct consumers. Thus, most likely, this judgment currently appears on the judgment debtor's credit reports.

    You may want to get the help of an attorney, who regularly collects unpaid judgments, to help you collect this, as you could be waiting many, many years if you rely exclusively on credit reporting to help get this judgment collected. Some people do not apply for things that requires them to have a clean credit report.

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  4. Frederick E. Walker

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    Answered . Unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to the credit bureau in order to report the debt. However, once you abstract the judgment the credit bureau will pick it up from the public records.

    Therefore, the best thing to do now is to abstract your judgment.

    These materials have been prepared by Fred E. Walker, P.C. for informational purposes only and are not legal... more

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