After probate closes on an estate & ALL the beneficiaries that inherited something have ALL died. The only remaining alive are t

..are the contingent beneficiaries of the residuary whom are also the very last of the family members of the deceased. The contingent beneficiaries went thru the accounting & have found MANY concerns of possible fraud in the accounting, such as, a safety deposit box with the amount 0 next to it & also says its sitting in the Public administrators office labeled #4 yet never ever mentioned again thru out the accounting & foriegn currency account with a 0 next to it, & MANY MANY other concerns besides just these. Since ALL the beneficiaies that inherited have ALL died & the only remaining beneficiaries that got NOTHING are left. What should they do about the accounting concerns? What can they do now? Thnx~

San Diego, CA -

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Bert Z. Tigerman

Bert Z. Tigerman

Trusts Attorney - Beverly Hills, CA

It is difficult to tell from your discription, but it sounds as if this is an intestate proceeding with the Public Administrator as the administrator to the estate. Under the laws of intestate succession there is always someone entitiled to be the beneficiary - whether those persons exist or can be located is another issue. You say that there are "contingent beneficiaries." Contingent on what? If all of the original beneficiaries are deceased, the persons who would succeed them are the persons who have an interest in the accounting. As such they can file objections to the account with the court..-+

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