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After interview CO gave 221 g Green Slip

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I had my interview in US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan on 23rd September 2013. Interview went really good CO asked some questions of which I answered really well. He didnt ask for any other documents. At the end of the interview he said that ur case is look fine to me but we have to do some Administrative Processing which can take upto 2 to 6 weeks and handed me the Green Slip also he didnt write anything on that slip except my case no means no objection. He gave me my original documents back and kept my passport. The question is that its been 4 weeks now and on CEAC website so far my status updated twice any idea how long its going to take as he said 2 to 6 weeks and also any idea about the reason he put on AP?

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    No one except G-d knows how long it is going to take. Even the consulate officials may not know that. The reasons may very from as simple as discrepancies in names to more complex issued found in the submissions to security considerations.

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  2. Most administrative processing is resolved within 60 days. How long it takes could depend on the reasons for administrative processing. If 60 days comes and you still have no answer, I would hire an attorney to start making inquiries for you.

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  3. It will take some time. There is nothing you can do really to speed up things.

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