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After civil trial ends how long does it take for a judge to write up the order??

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My bench trial ended on Dec 12, 2011 in my favor and I have not received the order from the judge and I want to know about how long would it take the judge to write up the order???

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In general, there are Court rules requiring the Judge to specify his findings of law and fact in the Judgment or opinion, but as to the timing, generally this is within the Judge's discretion - and often they use this "time card" strategically.... Time for appeal generally begins to run when the final judgment is filed.

However, this may vary in your jurisdiction and you are advised to seek local counsel accordingly.


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Santos A Perez

Santos A Perez


Here is a link to a case that was decided one week ago (in New Jersey) which may give you an idea of the difficulties you can encounter:


Around the Seattle area, the courts generally do not write up any order. Usually, what happens is the prevailing party (actually, the party's attorney if there is one) writes up the orders reflecting what the court's oral rulings and gives to the other party (or the other party's attorney if there is one) to review. When the two parties are done revising the orders, the orders are presented to the court. The court reviews the orders to make sure they reflect what the court ordered. The court makes changes on the documents as needed.

So, you likely should check that the judge said that the judge would be the one writing up the orders.

Since you appear to be the prevailing party, your side likely is the one who should be preparing the documents.

You should review the specific facts with your attorney.

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If the Judge is going to issue a ruling, he'll mail you a letter. If you won, there is no advantage in calling the court and pestering him for it (also that is ex parte contact). The judge may well expect you, as the prevailing party, to draft and present an order based on his ruling.

If you need help with this, there are lots of attorneys who can draft for you and present the order. If the judge ordered the other party to pay you interest on money, the date the judgment is entered is when the interest starts accruing, unless you asked for pre-judgment interest.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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