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After being accused of shoplifting, security tried to handcuff me. i refused and they assaulted me. what rights do i have?

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there were two of us. they brought us into a back room and thats were the handcuff refusal and assault took place. the assault was very violent and left me with many marks, while the security had none. there was stollen merchandise in our bag but was found after the incident. the charges were a 3rd degree shoplifting charge and a 3rd degree shoplifting and refusing arrest charge. the not assaulted person is going to say they did the shoplifting and i am going to say i was unaware of the crime. the stealing took place inside of the dressing room so no one actually witnessed the act. the security told us they had missing merchandise and needed us to come back into thes tore, followed by attempt to hand cuff me for asking questions and then forcefully beating me down. any help is appreciated

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Let me see if I understand this. You committed theft, conspired to cover up your role and then resisted detention for the police? What was your question?

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Retain an attorney on this one ASAP

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You should retain a criminal defense lawyer in Grandville or nearby Grand Rapids where you can find many qualified criminal defense lawyers to assist you.

If you feel that you sustained a personal injury by the actions of the store security guards, you will need to obtain a personal injury lawyer. Again, the Grand Rapids area has many fine lawyers that can advise you. Perhaps there are witnesses or a store security camera that will support your case.

Good luck. We are located in Macomb County and have practiced here for 33 years. Our firm is very active in the Metro Detroit Courts (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne and St. Clair).

I would suggest that you search AVVO for a Grand Rapids criminal and personal injury attorney.

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