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After an I-601 approval of waiver of a 10 year ban, what kind of visa will I get to enter the US, and is there some kind of

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rule that I need to remain in the states for a certain amount of time thereafter in order to maintain the visa?

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    If your waiver is approved, and if the US Consulate approves your visa application, then you will get whatever type of visa you applied for.

    If you applied for an immigrant visa, then that is what you will get. You will need to enter the United States within 6 months. After you enter the United States, you will receive your green card in the mail.

    In order to maintain your permanent resident status, you need to spend a majority of your time living in the United States. Also, any trips you take outside the USA should be less than 6 months long.

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  2. after the I-601 is approved, you get an immigrant visa (which ever type), you enter with it and your green card arrives by mail

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  3. You will receive an immigrant visa and upon return to the U.S. you will be admitted as a permanent resident. Your green card will be mailed to you. Once a permanent resident, you will need to make sure that you don't take any one trip that lasts 6 or more months, but also, try to spend at least 1/2 of your time in the U.S., especially if you are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen down the road.

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