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After a property foreclosure where would a deficiency suit/judgment have to be filed by the lender or mortgage insurer?

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If there was any deficiency suit by the lender or subrogation by the mortgage insurer (pmi) would it have to be filed and served in the state and county where the property is located ?

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    On a side note, I have defended such a lawsuit brought by PMI Company, Inc. and several defenses that I have employed for the client are: lack of standing (no contract between the Plaintiff and the lender was attached to the lawsuit), failure to mitigate (several short sale offers had previously been proposed by the Defendant that were all denied by the lender --- and then the lender ends up selling the home for $50k less!), failure to state a cause of action, and miscalculation of the deficiency amount and claim allegedly paid to the lender. The ledger attached to the complaint indicates all sorts of miscellaneous fees paid by the lender to PMI Company, Inc., much of which have nothing to do with the Defendant and should not be his responsibility. I expect a flood of these types of lawsuits to be filed over the next few years as the five years Statute of Limitations period closes on lenders and/or PMI to file suit for the deficiency.

  2. A deficiency claim could be brought as part of the original foreclosure case. In most foreclosures, the summary judgment order specifically provides That the Court reserves jurisdiction for purposes of consideration of deficiency relief. The claimant could also if it wished file a separate action Which would entail a new filing fee and new service of process, while continuing with the old case would not. In either circumstance, jurisdiction would be in Florida.

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  3. It would be in the same county also. If you get sued for the deficiency you should hire an attorney to limit your financial exposure. Call my office if you would like to discuss.

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  4. I was about to answer the question, but I see that I was beat to the proverbial punch by my astute colleagues. I agree with both lawyers.