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ADW NOT F/ARM OR FRC what is it??

Redding, CA |

well my brother was in a fight which was muatual combat. but the guy he was fighting wouldnt leave from a friends party. our firends party. he was invited and the guy swung on him first. so my brother defended himself they guy is a known drug addict and has chargeds for beating his wife several times. he says my brother jumped him, throw a blanket over him and throw a chair on top of him. and there are several witnesses that can confirm this that my brother didnt do anything in that manner. he was defending himself. but they guy he was fighting with told the police a wild story. and my brother turned himself in because my brother isnt a fighter but had to defend himself. he turned himself in for questioning and later after the charges got put out he turned himself in right away

coreection he wasnt invited sorry

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Your brother is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He needs to hire an attorney and discuss his case wIth that attorney. If he can't afford to hire one, the court will appoint counsel to represent him.

  2. Your brother is most likely charged with Penal Code Section 245, assault with a deadly weapon (ADW) or with force likely to create great bodily injury. ADW is both a serious felony and a strike offense that carries with it 2, 3 or 4 years in state prison.

    Investigation of the complaining parties background is essential to the successful defense of this case. This case requires an aggressive and experienced attorney.