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Advocacy attorney. I am trying to get a Local and Federal ruled changed in US Bankruptcy Court.

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I have begun this process. It is with respect to Rule 3021-1: POSTCONFIRMATION REQUIREMENTS IN CHAPTER 11 CASES. I am looking for someone who is interested in partnering with me to make the law better and protect creditors. This is pro bono. I would like to co-author some articles about this in law journals to bring attention to this proposed rule change. Does anyone know attorneys or groups that would be helpful to partner with for this process?

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You have posted this in the Criminal Defense section of AVVO. You need to repost it in the Bankruptcy section to get an answer.

If this answer was helpful please click that block. Answers in the forum are only general and it is always best to contact a criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case. We handle NY, NJ and all Federal Court cases. Bukh Law Firm P.C., 14 Wall Street, New York NY 10005, (212) 729-1632.

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I believe you are citing a LOCAL RULE which MAY differ for every judicial district. (Rule 3021 has nothing after it, but local Rule 3021-1 is so designated). For example, there is no Local rule 3021-1 in the Central District of California.

If you speak of a local rule in your district, why not approach a law school and have a student partner with you. You may not realize it but the only law school in the country with an LL.M. Bankruptcy program is St. Johns in New York.....

If you can attract attention anywhere, it will be at St. Johns......

Curt Harrington
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Post in a general forum that deals with legal discussion in bankruptcy law to get leads to people who might be of help.

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