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i discovered my husband(separated with no separation agreement-unable to locate him until now) purchased a new vehicle with the other-woman. he abandoned both me and our child in the middle of the night, i was unable to locate him for almost a year, he's dodging child support and spousal support, now that I've located him, living with another woman, she has all his bills in her name so he remains off the radar . do i have a case against her for damage due to adultry and do i have any entitlements to place a lien on this vehicle for arrears in support which are in excess of $37,000. He had a great career, made six figure income,walked off his job after he disappeared. i am stay at home mom. child 2 years old. also owed excess of 9000 in another state to first wife in unpd support

Richmond, VA -

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Victoria Lee Allen

Victoria Lee Allen

Family Law Attorney - Manakin Sabot, VA

There are multiple issues here that you are trying to have addressed. Given the circumstances and the complexities, I highly recommend you seek the advice of a local attorney that practices in family law. Many of us give short free or low cost consultations where we can review all of your options with you.

It is good that you now know where he is located. If you have not yet done so, you should immediately file for support. A court can impute income to him if he is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed. Given he made a six figure income before, there is a lot of opportunity for the court to do so. In addition, if the woman he is living with thinks he's worth paying for so he doesn't go to jail for contempt, you may find that some support starts.

You should also be exploring avenues of divorce.

Please note that this response is based upon the limited information available in the question. In addition, it... more
Jeffrey B. Peltz

Jeffrey B. Peltz

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Brooklyn, NY

I agree with Ms. Allen. You should retain the services of a local divorce lawyer and have him served with a summons for divorce requesting everything you are entitled to, including spousal support and child support. Good luck.

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