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Admitted Surety Insurer versus Undertaking by Personal Sureties

Los Angeles, CA |

My writ of attachment order was contingent upon obtaining a bond for 10k. My understanding is that if I use the judicial AT-160 form, Undertaking by Personal Sureties, it requires TWO, but if I use the admitted surety insurer, I only need ONE. Is this correct?

Also, if I go with the admitted surety insurer, will they provide the form or is there another judicial form similar to AT-160? Stanley Mosk Attorneys Please

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    Yes. You can use either a bonding company or two personal guarantors. If you want to use guarantors, you must show that each guarantor has the financial resources to qualify. If you use a bonding company, they will do all of the paperwork. The bond premium will be good for one year, and you will be billed for annual renewals until the surety is released. If you are attempting to represent yourself, and if the other side has competent counsel, you can expect a motion questioning the financial resources of any personal guarantor.

  2. You should re-post this question under Civil Attorneys. This is not a criminal law question. Best of luck

  3. Correct.

    Normally, an admitted surety will have the AT-160 form and will prepare it for you.

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