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Adminastrative law judge unable to enforce request...can circuit court judge?

Eugene, OR |
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Hi curious A.L.J requested certain info from both parents i provided mine he did not...i filed circuit court de nuvo request due to this cause info he verbally gave was not correct..he just did nt want his 2nd job income to be included in. CHild support order..finally after 8 months since i filed we have hearing of this matter...since. admin law judge could nt inforce what other parent failed to provide can circuit judge? Can they make him do so..Basically it s. Proof of income be was. Dishonest about as to why he failed to provide info..

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  1. Your issue is unclear.

  2. You need to clarify your question as it is unclear and difficult to answer? If you are asking whether the circuit court judge can make the father provide certain documentation for proof of income in order to set alimony and child support, the answer is yes, you should provide the details to the court and request the father be ordered to provide this information, if he does not the court can make certain orders and sanction or fine him.

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  3. I agree with my colleagues - your question is unclear.

    You appear to be asking if a trial court judge can require someone to produce evidence of income.

    Typically, the burden may shift to you to conduct discovery, which may involve sending a subpoena to his employer for his last three paychecks and his W-2.

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  4. I also suggest that you contact the caseworker in your county who's handling the child support for the Department of Justice. The state also has an interest in making sure people disclose all of their income for child support purposes so this information may be useful in getting them to investigate and subpoena records.

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