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Additional passport photos needed. Good?

Tampa, FL |
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I just had my interview in tampa.we were separated and I know there were some inconsistencies as my husband and I are in a fairly recent relationship and I think we wanted too much for them to believe us. At the end of the interview the officer asked me to send in passport pics of me and my husband and photocopies of our passport bio pages even though we had the passports at the interview. is that a good sign?

Well I originally submitted 4 photos 2 for 765 and 2 for 485 and they were the same and I received my EAD card. The officer also made photocopies of our passports at the end of the interview that's why I guess it's a bit of a concern for me.

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It's not either a good or bad sign. It might just be a technicality on the pictures or the copies submitted. The pictures might not be to clear or not in compliance with "passport picture" regs for immigration and the passport biographic pages may not have been clear when submitted.

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It is difficult to tell if there is a problem. Normally, if the only thing needed are more passport photos the offcer in Tampa would have directed you to an office on the back side of the building on Cypress where you could have gotten the requested pictures and provided them to the officer the same day. The fact that you were not asked to do that concerns me.

When filing an I-130 the petitioner (you) is required to submit a passport photo of themselves. From your quesiton it appears that you did not do this, so, at a minimum, they would have needed one of you.

I am also surprised the officer did not go ahead and copy your passport pages during the interview. This also gives me some concern.

The fact that the officer did not send you to the back of thebuilding and the fact that the officer did not copy the bio pages of the passports while you were there, as well as your comment that there were inconsistencies in your answers there does give me some concern about your interview.

If the officer gave you a form (Form I-72) only requesting the photos and the copies of the passports and nothing else, then provide those items within the time specified on the form. Make sure you make copies of what you send, include a cover letter stating what you are sending, and send the documents by Federal Express or certified mail, return receipt requested so you can verify you sent the information.

If you are called back in for another interview make sure you take an attorney with you. We would be happy to help you should that occur.

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