ACD still pending dismissal, what are the implications on FAFSA/student loans?

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Offense occurred in the state of NY.
CPL 220.03 -
Received an ACD. I was required to do 25 hours of service, which I have already completed. I have about 4 more months until the dismissal "ripens."

The question on the FAFSA only asks about drug convictions. In an ACD, there is no entry into a guilty plea so I was able to truthfully say no to those questions. However, I have four more months left of this pending drug charge -- will this affect my ability to receive federal student loans?

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  1. Jayson Lutzky


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    Answered . Key is wording on the application. Does it states drug conviction or drug arrest?

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  2. Marco Caviglia


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    Answered . FAFSA only seems to be concerned with convictions and if one is institutionalized in a criminal facility. An ACD is not a conviction and once the ACD ripens into a dismissal is a disposition in favor of the accused.

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  3. Erick Masten Platten


    Contributor Level 18


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    Answered . I agree that the key wording is conviction.


    Erick Platten

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