ACD crossing into Canada

Asked over 1 year ago - Newark, NY

I was arrested back in 2010 on a criminal possession of a weapon 4th degree I was granted an ACD and fullfilled the requirements of the ACD will I have any trouble getting into Canada to go up there and work? I ask this because my employer does not know that I have been arrested and in talking to my lawyer he wasn't sure about it. But he also said that with the ACD that my arrest basically didn't happen I was just curious if anything will show up stating that I have been arrested in the past

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  1. Eric Edward Rothstein

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    Answered . If the ACD period has not expired it could be a problem. I've had clients denied entry to Canada with an open case.

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  2. Marco Caviglia


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    Answered . An open case (i.e. waiting for the ACD to ripen into a dismissal) will cause you entry problems into Canada. A dismissed case, which is what you are stating is your situation, should not. However, you should contact the Canadian authoriites for a definitive answer.

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  3. John J. Carney


    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . Canada is a very liberal country where pot is ignored, prostitution is ignored, and the police are polite and honest, but they do not let people with open cases, misdemeanors, or felonies into the country without a Minister's waiver. Retain a good lawyer to get a waiver. It is a $350 application and I have done it regularly for 30 years.

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