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Accused of "indecent exposure" and as a first offense, what can I expect? pleaded not guilty but can I avoid a trial by guilty?

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While I was shopping for groceries I squeezed a bottle of what I supposed was a gel skin lotion. It turned out to be an oily substance instead. It was about to drip on the floor, so acting quickly I scanned around me to see if anyone was looking, then put my hand in my pants to wipe it off so as not to stain the outside of my clothing. I did not pull my pants down or expose my genitals. Someone did manage to see my actions and called the police. This is a first offense. Can I avoid jail time? Can you learn specifically what is the evidence against me beside witness reports, e.g. do they have a surveillance system? Can I apply for a pro bono lawyer inasmuch as I am retired on SS disability from Parkinson's disease with a fixed income barely able to pay my bills, but not below poverty level.

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You are entitled to have an attorney appointed to represent you if you cannot afford one. Contact the clerk's office to ask how to apply for the public defender's services.

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You can and should apply for a court-appointed lawyer (a public defender) if you cannot afford to hire one privately. The impacts of a charge like this can be significant. You need legal advice to get you through it.

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