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According to LA law will child support end at the time of high school graduation?

Lafayette, LA |

My brother has an 18 year old daughter who will graduate in May. Upon her graduation will the child support end? Does he have to go to court to have the child support legally terminated?

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  1. Typically, the child support ends when the child reaches the age of majority (18 years of age). However, the mother or the child can petition to have the child support continue until the child reaches 19 years of age if the child is unmarried, enrolled in a secondary school full-time, and is dependent upon either parent. The termination at the age of majority is to happened automatically without any action by the paying parent.

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  2. If the child support amount was award per child then it terminates automatically. If the child support amount was awarded as one sum for multiple children then he'd have to go to court to have the amount modified.

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