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Accidentally surfed to child pornography.

Stillwater, OK |

im 15 I was on the web, looking at porn, which isn't good I know, but I accidentally surfed to a page with thumbnails of what I believe was child pornogrpahy and immediatly my computer went black and i got this message with a couple of fedaeral stamps and text saying that my computer has been on a website with child porn and said to pay online a 200$ fine within the next 72 hours or or i will get arrested. it had a box saying to enter a credit card number and under it a long list of credit card companies and it was real because i couldnt exit off of the page and if i restarted the computer it would relock it and say the same thing. it also said it had my ip adress and thats how it would track me. what should i do? i really dont want my mom to know about this but i dont think its an option.

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A real police investigation will not let you pay a small fine online to avoid prosecution. This sounds like a scam to either (a) make money off you or (b) steal your identity.

Sonja R Porter

Sonja R Porter


Agree. It souns like you downloaded a virus as a result. Don't pay anything online that comes out of the blue like that. If your computer is that locked, you'll need to have it wiped clean.


Definitely sounds like a scam. I think if the government had any evidence of downloading child porn they would arrive at your house with a warrant to search the hard disk of your computer.

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