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Accidentally scratched somebody's car while parking and didn't leave any details?

Los Angeles, CA |

I accidentally scratched a car while attempting to park in a Wal-Mart car park. I looked for damage and saw a few small scratches, panicked and drove away, without taking or leaving any details. What can I do, what's the worst that could happen, and what is likely to happen?

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What can you do?
Unless you took down the plate number and can locate the owner, you will have little or no chance of finding her/him.

What is the worst that can happen?
Worst case for you is if owner can get ahold of wal-mart video tape, ID your plate, and notify his/her insurer. VERY, VERY unlikely.

What is likely to happen?
Nothing. Ever. Owner may contact his/her insurance company and they will fix hIs car.

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Legally, minimal concerns.


If they find you, you could get a citation, in which case, you'd want to retain a local traffic court lawyer to defend you.

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