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Abuse of authority by probation officer?

Phoenix, AZ |

I am having problems working with my probation officer, who always turns everything I say around, accuses me of lying, and doesn't listen to any of my concerns. I took all of my classes and followed all of the rules I was given. When I voice a complaint about the probation office not properly informing me of some of the guidelines - I am told I am "difficult and argumentative" and now I have been given an excessive amount of extra classes and unjustified terms of my probation. I have never raised my voice or even appeared argumentative. Are there any cases I can reference about people being mistreated by the probation office? I have a review coming up soon and want to do some research before talking to the judge.

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I would advise talking to a criminal defense lawyer about your situation with your probation officer. Perhaps talking with your probation officer about the situation might help. It would be a good idea to speak with a criminal defense lawyer before your next court hearing.

Juan C. Garcia, Jr.


Being on probation means that your freedom is limited. It's not supposed to be easy. The alternative to probation is jail or prison. The best strategy for you to follow is to obey your probation officer's every command. Unless your probation officer did something truly and demonstrably outrageous and/or illegal, the Court will always side with the Court employee who is assigned to supervise you -- your probation officer. Challenging your probation officer is only going to cause you more problems.

This is not legal advice. This is only for informational purposes.



I am a mother of a son on probation, who also receive a differed judgement. as long as he stayed out of trouble he would never get charge. He suffers from manic depressive disorders and the P.O that he was assigned to has mentally bused him to a point of not wanting to live anymore. I has seen my son cry and his depression take a deeper dive. Probation officers are not licensed Counselors and treat every client like just another bad person. There are so many issues here and too much too list in this comment, so I guess my question is I want a certain probation and parole dept to be investigated along with a certain probation officer. Where do I start? who to call? I live in Wisconsin. I read a lot of complaints concerning this subject and there needs to be a change. Another question is my sons P.O forced him to move out of my home on his SSI income...hardly enough to get an apartment with... I am his power of attorney and his payee, there was no conflicts ever between I and my son, did she really have a right to do that ? and what is my rights concerning this?

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