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About to undergo a background check will it show up??

Brooklyn, NY |

Hello My question involves criminal law for the state of newyork i was caught stealing at a cvs in newyork.they banned me took my picture,i signed some papers and i was given a "notice of civil demand- customer copy" by the store detective. the letter states i will be receiving a letter from their company in the future explaining the amount of monetary demages they will be seeking. i also called the number on my demand letter and asked "will i have to go to court" i was told no just pay the amount they send in the mail. iam about to undergo a background check for the dept of corrections and im wondering will this show up???? plz help..

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No, it will not show up because you were not arrested or criminally charged. The stores are now imposing their own "civil fine" which is actually nothing of the sort. It is just their way of scaring people and doing their best to stop shoplifting. Hopefully it scared you enough that you'll never do that again, no matter how easy it appears at the time. Also, hopefully you get that corrections job and will make plenty of money and never feel the need to steal again.

Good luck.


Since you were never arrested, this incident should not show up in a background check. I would advise tou that if you receive a letter from a law firm seeking to collect money on that "civil demand," consult with an attorney. Those letters scare you into sending money and you should not have to. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to review the letter and respond to it on your behalf. Or you could simply wait until (or if) you even get any follow-up correspondence.

Meanwhile, good luck with DOC!

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