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About my ex wife

West Yarmouth, MA |

i have a picture of my ex wife smoking weed in her house and she is a kindergarten teacher in a public school and i know that she is still smoking so if i posted her picture and i told her school about her what will hapened to me in this situation .

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If your wife loses her job because of you, depending upon your specific case, she may be able to begin or increase alimony payments from YOU! The family court judges will realize you are being vindictive, her employer will likely already know about the divorce and understand the nastiness and cut her some slack. Basically, this will reflect poorly on you. Don't "cut off your nose to spite your face."

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Why would you want to do that other than to be plainly vindictive? Get some counseling and move on.

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Why don't you contact an attorney and try to resolve any legal issues that are ongoing with your ex-wife in divorce/family court? Think about the consequences of your contemplated actions before you act.

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You're back. I see you're still feeling just as vindictive. If you think any of the lawyers here are going to give you advice that could hurt her, you have another guess coming. You would be better off redirecting the energy you're putting into this anger into doing something productive.

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I’ve read your previous postings and then great advice that’s been given, and now I see where it has taken you - I suspect I know why she is your ex-wife.

This is not legal advice and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. You should speak to an attorney for further information.

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