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About how much should the fee bee to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Hawaii?

Kapaa, HI |

I'm looking a decent lawyer for my Bankruptcy, Obviously I don't have much money for the fee.

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The filing fee is 306 for a chapter 7. The only way to know what attorneys are charging in your area is to interview a few and get some quotes.

I am not your attorney unless you and I have signed a retainer agreement. What I am saying is not legal advice. Do not act on this information without engaging my services, this is for consideration only.


To us attorneys it is NOT obvious that you "don't have much money for the fee" as everyone who files bankruptcy can say that. But you have or should have stopped all payments to creditors other than whom a bankruptcy attorney suggest you keep paying which has to do with some secured debts, some non dischargeable debts and some present rent, and utility and insurance debts. But regular unsecured debts by not paying you may in fact be able to slowly pay a bankruptcy attorney to in fact file for you! The filing fee everywhere in the US is $306 . If you call around, it is possible that you might find a "pro bono" attorney who practices bankruptcy law in your area. Have you tried that? If not, call 10 attorneys and you will find 10 prices! It is a free market. Here, absent complicated cases, fees range from $500 w/o having to appear at the 341 meeting up to $1500 or more as attorneys do these both full and part time and have different overheads, etc. So first go find out what the local ones charge, then call one you want and go meet with that attorney forthwith. Although you really only have two goals ( to keep everything you own and to get rid of all your debts ) there are other issues that can affect our advice to you and affect when you should file also. So find an experienced bankruptcy attorney who only practices bankruptcy law and follow their advice!


Many chapter 7 attorneys will charge a flat fee; in Hawaii it can range from $800 to $1500. You also need to find out what is not covered in a flat fee, such as reaffirmations of car debt or other debt, fees for dealing with a garnishment, fees for dealing with the United States Trustee's office, fee for defending against a challenge to your discharge, etc. Some will charge a low fee up front then add on fees after the petition is filed. Do they charge extra for the credit report? Many good attorneys will not set a fee until you have met with the attorney and determined how complicated the case could be, and they will ask to be paid before the chapter 7 is filed (if they are not paid then they become a creditor just like a credit card that may be discharged--debts to attorneys are no different. Some people use their tax refunds or borrow from relatives or just save up.

In addition to real estate law in the State of Hawaii, I also practice federal bankruptcy law. If my answers relate to a bankruptcy question, the following statement applies. "As a debt relief agency, we also help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code, including federally supervised repayment plans under Chapter 11, Chapter 12 (farmers and fishers) and Chapter 13."

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