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if i amaying i am bankrupt for a court legal matter do i need to legally declare bankruptcy or is receiving ssi payments AND SAYING i have no assets in court enough.if i want the court to admit that i am bankrupt for my civil matter that is.

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Michael Hal Schwartz

Michael Hal Schwartz

Bankruptcy Attorney - White Plains, NY

I think I just answered this question in a diffrent form. But, to clarify, you can use the term bankrupt to describe your financial situation, but if you were asked if you did file for bankruptcy you would have to say no. I believe you are better off sticking to the facts and stating your income, source of income, assets and debts and let the Court make its conclusion that you are broke, or as you may feel, bankrupt.

Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Debt Collection Attorney - Bellmore, NY

Please see my other answers.

Hayley R. Greenberg

Hayley R. Greenberg

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney - New York, NY

I am sorry to hear about your situation. If you did not file a bankruptcy petition you can not claim you did. However, if you're just saying you don't have any money, you can say that. However, just saying you don't have any money won't stop the litigation, whereas filing a bankruptcy petition will.

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Vincent Peter White

Vincent Peter White

Discrimination Lawyer - Jackson Heights, NY

Bankruptcy is a specific legal status. I suggest that you simply state that you currently have no assets.

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