Abandoned property in Massachusetts.

What is the law regarding abandoned property in Massachusetts. Is the landlord/roommate required to store it, and if so how long before a storage facility may sell it off? Also, if you send a 93A letter by certified mail, and it is refused, does the law presume that USPS First Class mail is received if sent, much like some government agencies? Thank you

Boston, MA -

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Nathaniel A Tripp

Nathaniel A Tripp

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Greenfield, MA

Generally, a landlord would be wise to seek authority from the court before deeming property abandoned. If not careful, the landlord may open himself up to liability. Your question and comments imply you did not willingly leave the property and may have some claims against your landlord, even if all the property is as it was when you left. Further, the limited information indicates that there may be some complexities to your claims which you ought to seek assistance from an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, check with the local bar association for legal service organizations in your area which may be able to assist you at no cost.

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Michael T. Cupoli III

Michael T. Cupoli III

Real Estate Attorney - Manchester, MA

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