A woman says no to a sexual advance. The man stops but tries again later. Is that sexual assault?

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A man is in bed with a woman. She's not intoxicated. She can leave the location at any time. They are consensually kissing with heavy petting. Her shirt is off. He moves his hand to put it down her pants. She indicates 'no' by pushing his hand away. He stops trying to put his hand down her pants at that time and goes back to kissing her, again consensually. A half hour later, he tries again to put his hand down her pants. She indicates 'no' again by pushing his hand away. He stops trying to put his hand down her pants for good. Is that sexual assault?

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    Answered . These situation are always going to come down to what a prosecutor thinks they can prove. As you have described it, it doesn't sound like a sexual assault, more like a failed attempt.

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    Answered . Not sexual assault, but the fact you are concerned about the woman accusing you of it suggests that you should find a different girl friend or figure out why you are so concerned about it.

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    Answered . In ancient times, they called this making out. But you did not make out, not all the wall or let's stay the lady put up a STOP sign. You were smart to stop when she did it.
    But like a colleague said, what kind of relationship is this that you have to run to Avvo?
    You must always be careful but it certainly takes the moment out of the moment.
    At least you know that NO means NO, give you credit for that.,

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    Answered . Unlikely, but if you are contacted by police, retain a local criminal lawyer.

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