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A verbal agreement, BMW mine n feb2013 Borrowed a car that was unisured. Got into slight accident where I am at fault.

San Diego, CA |

also, a week later . driving same car. I had beeen drinking. took out a telephone poll and ended up in the swamp. Ambulence came, checked me out after a few hours.

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  1. If your question is whether you should drink and drive a vehicle, which has no insurance, and crash it into a pole, and then into the local swamp, I would say the answer is...."no".

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  2. It doesn't matter what the question is. The answer is a you need a criminal lawyer with respect to the drunk driving incident, and you are responsible for the damage to the BMW and the Telephone Poll.

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  3. Hmmm... I do not know about the other attorneys who answered your question, but since Feb 2013 hasn't even happened yet, I have to presume this is not a legitimate posting. Why the other attorneys didn't spot that clue...

  4. You need to clear your head, get your facts straight and hire a defense attorney ASAP.

  5. I am going to assume that "Feb2013" was a typo and you mean February 2012. I will also assume that your question is an actual inquiry (and not a joke). If your question is whether or not you are liable for the damages you caused through your actions, I would answer that you would be. You should consult a lawyer, a therapist, and rethink your life choices.

    This answer should not be used as a final ruling on your case as more facts are needed to fully understand and expound upon your legal inquiry. This answer should be used a short introduction to the legal theories that may apply.

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