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A travel agent sold a cruise to my parents. My dad is very limited verbal and physical due to stroke. My mom has Alzheimers

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The travel agent is aware of their limits and sold the cruise to them. They are scheduled to fly from Los Angeles to Spain for a transatlantic cruise. My mom deteriorates with travel. This last year she was placed on medication for her anger problem (history shows she will not be taking her meds). My mom requires a 24 hour caregiver. Recently my mom has developed a problem with urine control. I looked into getting co-conservator ship but find this isn't quite what needs to be done. I've spoken at length with the attorney with the travel agency but since I only have DP of A for healthcare I'm out of luck. They will not give me the itinerary (prob at the demand of my father). Today my parents are trying to get passports -- the passports they currently have expire in 2019. Help.......

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  1. Not an immigration question and not sure what your question is.

  2. Sorry, this is not an immigration question.

    IMMIGRATION LAW PROFESSOR for 10 years -- LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

  3. You should consult with an attorney as quickly as possible. If your mother has Alzheimers and your dad had a stroke, this may be a case of financial elder abuse by the travel agent.

    Legal disclaimer: Information contained herein is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney/client relationship.

  4. If your parents are mentally competent, then you cannot help the fact that they are making poor decisions. If your parents are not competent and not able to handle their financial affairs (and that is what it sounds like from your inquiry), then a conservatorship is appropriate to protect them from being taken advantage of. So not sure why you say a conservatorship "is not quite what needs to be done."

    This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship between the person posing the question and the attorney answering it. If you need further legal help, please retain and confer with your own counsel.

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