A traffic stop was not initiated and I stopped driving of my own accord what can I do about a DWI arrest?

Asked over 1 year ago - Georgetown, TX

Had been drinking earlier in the evening and following friends back to their house, not familiar with the area, didn't know where I was when I began to feel dizzy and sick and decided to pull over which happened to be just in front of an officer he pulled up behind me and began questioning me I told him I had a few drinks prior but mostly felt sick and concerned for my safety that I didn't know where I was and wasn't feeling well. I agreed to some field sobriety tests but abstained from taking a BAC test without discussing my rights. He couldn't/wouldn't explain my rights and stated I was refusing so I was arrested and charged with DWI and taken to Jail I'm searching online and will begin making phone calls for attorneys on Monday, any advice for me? Already filed for my ALS hearing.

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  1. Thomas Harlan Swain


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    Answered . Do not reveal facts regarding your case here because statements made here are not privileged. This website is best for general advice and assistance in finding a lawyer. You should contact an attorney to speak about your case as soon as you can. It's good that you have already requested an ALR hearing. Review your request and make sure you complied with the requirements stated in the notice of suspension you received.

  2. Todd Bennett Steele

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    Answered . Don't post anything further regarding the facts of your case. You are absolutely correct in hiring an attorney. Hire someone that is experienced in trying DWI cases. Many attorneys in you area, like myself, offer free consultations. I handle DWI cases throughout central Texas. Feel free to call.

    Todd Steele's response to your question is for general information purposes only. Nothing in this response should... more
  3. Aaron C. Graham

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    Answered . The police can't explain your rights to you regarding whether you will or will not take a BT. Even innuendo can get a breath test thrown out in some cases.
    Otherwise, I recommend Jamie Balagia. He goes by "The DWI Dude"... need I say more?

  4. Stephen A. Gustitis

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    Answered . The best thing to do now is hire a qualified DWI defense lawyer to assist you. Do not delay as you may unknowingly waive important rights to administrative discovery through the ALR process.

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