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A teachers aide in my sons class grabbed him by the neck & pushed him down back into his chair. My son was 7 at the time.

Mount Vernon, NY |

A teachers aide has been slapping my son in the back of the head for months last year. I didn't know if she was hitting him hard or just playing around until he came home crying one day. He brought it to my attention & I told him to tell her to stop slapping you in the back of the head. Once he told her she slapped him in the back of the head & said "tell your dad that."
This happened around May 2013.
The same teachers aide in my sons class grabbed him by the neck & pushed him down back into his chair. She did that since a kid she watches was arguing with my son about moving their chair or so. My son was 7 at the time. I contacted the Super Intendant June of 2013 & they said they will look into it. They never called back from calling for months. The TA is back in a school. What can I do?

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File a police complaint and/or file a complaint with the School Board.

The above answer, and any follow up comments or emails is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.



Thank you. I spoke to a police officer last month about it & she also said I can file a complaint & contact city hall. I tried to contact the Board; but I can't find any contact info on them; but what I did a few weeks ago was send another email to the Super intendant & Assistant of Human Resources again with an email I think either connected to the Board ( found email on a facebook page). Then the Superintendant asked me to sit down with the Assistant Human Resource lady. Do you think it's wise to go without a lawyer? They said the TA went through a hearing but they never gave me an update or either told me what was going on. I had to hear from someone from my sons school saying she works at another elementary school in Mt. Vernon.


Very troubling. You can take the following actions:

1. File a complaint with the local police department.
2. File a grievance with the school board and administration using their policies and procedures. Follow the rules carefully, as they can be strictly enforced.
3. If teachers' aides are certified in New York, file a complaint against her at the appropriate licensing board.
4. Contact an education attorney utilizing the Find a Lawyer tab on this page. They will put a stop to this in a hurry. They will also determine if you have a cause of action against the school, the aide or both.

It sounds as if you have been ignored. Taking the actions listed above will end this behavior, I assure you.


you need to hire counsel and file a complain with the school board at this point i am not sure that the police will take this complaint. You also might want to talk to our local legislator or assembly person about this and see if they can help

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