A renting tenant in CA, my house is suspected of having mold, which has been causing health concerns for my family, what do I do

Living in house for almost 2 years, month to month contract, leaking plumbing fixtures with obvious signs of moisture damage to exterior walls, Strong smell of mold from interior of house, Infant son and mother feeling sick and having symptoms of mold exposure. Multiple medical issues with newborn son, now nine months old, as well as the mom, lived in the house throughout pregnancy terms, had issues with pregnancy as well, reasons were never substaniated. When family leaves the house they feel better, when they enter the house, sypmtoms come back, what should I do.

San Andreas, CA -

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Wendy Ha Chau

Wendy Ha Chau

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - San Francisco, CA

There's not enough information and you should not write anymore on this site. Instead, you should contact a landlord tenant Attorney or personal injury Attorney in your area immediately for a FREE evaluation/consultation. The attorney would need more details. Also, did you inform (notice to) the landlord of the leaking problems (to fix it) or that there is mold in our home? The attorney will probably going to ask you for more information, look at your lease agreement and medical records. You might have issues with statute of limitation (SOL). When did you leave the place and realized that there was mold and it was the cause of your symptom. Personal Injury SOL is 2 years from date of harm/injury. Good-luck!

William Stanley Fitch

William Stanley Fitch

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Chino Hills, CA

Speak with an attorney, personal injury type and as was previously pointed out to you, your ability to bring a lawsuit ends 2 years after you discovered your injuries.

A proper response would require a thorough investigation into the history and background of this relationship.... more

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