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A recent trip to the emergency room landed me with a $7,000 bill which I cannot afford to pay,

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and honestly do not want to because I found out the next day when I saw my regular obgyn that I was wrongly diagnosed at the ER) I was looking through my medical records and noticed my mother signed all my HIPPA and consent to treatment/admissions forms. I am 26 and under the impression that was illegal to sign for another adult if that person was conscious etc. I DID however, sign my release form. Is there still a way possible I could legally get out of this bill?

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  1. No. If you were there and consciously accepted treatment, you cannot dispute the bill. The only exception to that is if they billed you for something they did not do. For example, if they billed you for open heart surgery and you were there for a broken bone.

    Call the hospital and work out a payment plan.

  2. You state that you were conscious and aware of being in the ER. You had the right to refuse treatment. You accepted treatment and services, therefore you are legally responsible to pay for services rendered. If upon review of the itemized bill you did not receive a particular treatment or service, you can contest those charges, ie. being charged for x rays or scans that were not performed. I would contact the hospital and see if they will reduce your bill or work out a payment plan with you.

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  3. You are of legal age and gave informed consent. The law states that barring duress, undue influence or lack of capacity you are liable for these charges, These charges are dischargeable in bankruptcy, however if they are your only debts I suggest you contact the hospital and work out a payment plan or settle with them for less.