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A question for being on probation, The ending...

Wildomar, CA |

I'm 16 in C.A.
My question is, Well I'm on probation and I've been on it for almost a complete year. I'm on probation originally for attempted theft as this being my first offense. After a while I violated for the first time(I failed a drug test) last year. Then I went to Juvenal for only two weeks, Then I got out to restart fresh. A year later, I'm about to hit my court date, I have good grades C's and higher, I'm all done with my 6 month drug meetings that were court order. I never had community service. Only thing left is 500$ fine that my grandparents got down to 120 making low payments they have a payment plan, I was wondering if they will let me off probation and still let them continue to pay without extending my probation. Has anyone ever heard of a judge doing that?

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Yes, here in Oregon judges will frequently let people's probation expire even when they have fines outstanding, especially amounts that are that low. If you had an attorney on the charge originally, you could call that attorney and ask what the standard process is in this situation. Good job doing well on probation and good luck to you.


Not in Riverside County. The court will in all likelihood ask you to admit the probation violation (still having a fine balance, then re-instate your probation and set up another payment plan. Contact your previous counsel to confirm. Stay out of trouble, dude.


I agree.. in Riverside, you will not likely be terminated while owing fines. Would you let someone out of a contract who owed you money under the promise they will pay? You will likely be extended just until its paid off.. The court may automatically terminate after your final payment. Good luck.

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