A question about filling out form EJ-130 to levy a bank account

I rented a room to an unscrupuolus tenant last year. I recently won a money judgement on the eviction case (possesion was not at issue when we went to trial because the tenant had already moved out). I found the judgment creditor's bank account and wish to levy the account. I have form EJ-130 to get a Writ (executuon of money judgment). I am unclear about Item #7- Notice of sale. Do I check this box (either a or b) for a bank levy? Do I need to fill out anything on page two of this form, or leave it blank? Thank you!

Thousand Oaks, CA -

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Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Debt Collection Attorney - San Marino, CA

Congratulations on locating the judgment creditor's bank account. On Form EJ-130, Item 7, check the box 7.a. [notice of sale not requested].

If you are seeking a writ of execution (and remember to check the box for "EXECUTION (Money Judgment)" on the first page, just to the left of the case number), you do not need to fill out the remainder of page 2 other than the case name and number at the top.

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