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A promissory note that was not written good need to get out of it

Waco, TX |

the other party is living in the house that we have this agreement on she is supposed to keep insurance on house but due to the condition the insurance company that i had will not cover no more i let her know she wanted to change companies i let her but the 1 she picked would not cover her because of house condition i let her know again she got another company at 1st they gave her insurance for the house but now they will not they are wanting me to get the policy in may name but i do not want to due the fact that 1st insurance company we had i ended up paying for because she could not afford it she has some legal aid atty telling me i cant kick her out due to insurance or the up keep of house he is telling me i have to get insurance in my name i have to help her

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You don't give enough information. Is she buying the house from you? Did you execute a note and deed of trust on the property. Is insurance specifically mentioned in the note or deed? Without these and other details it is not possible to give a useful answer.

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