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A police report was filed for harrassment, it is now in the proscutors office, what happens next?

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I received a call from the office after the report was filed, indicating to stop contact that if i contiued to call then I am open for a complaint to be filed. I did not make anymore contact what happens next? I live in Pennsylvania and this person lives in New jersery

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    You do not provide enough information. Is there an existing FRO (restraining order)? Is this a harassment charge or a contempt of the existing TRO or FRO? Harassment is a petty disorderly persons offense. To go to the county prosecutor this would have to be a contempt charge. The town prosecutor usually does not get involved in the charging process. Call my office with more information for a telephone consultation.

  2. It sounds like there are no charges pending, but could be if you make further contact. However, it is impossible to offer any advice or assessment based on the little information you provided.

    This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is based only on the limited information provided in the question.

  3. Harassment is a disorderly persons offense. If you are charged this matter will be heard at the Municipal Court level. My advice to you is to refrain from contacting this person further. While its a disorderly person's offense, there are fines, possible jail time, and a conviction that would be on your record for five years before it could be expunged.

    Disclaimer: The information here is general and not intended to be construed as legal advice or form an attorney-client relationship. For specific advice contact a qualified attorney. James R. Fridie III Esq. The Fridie Law Group LLC 200 Campbell Drive, Suite 226 Willingboro, NJ 08046 (856) 505-8610 Office (856) 513-2810 Fax (609) 367-4688 Cell If you found this information helpful please click the thumbs up icon below.

  4. From what you say it does not appear that an actual criminal complaint has been filed against you, and that you were warned to cease whatever behavior or else a complaint would be issued. If you do get a complaint against you then please contact my office for a free consultation. Thank you.
    Sincerely yours, -Ronald Aronds, Esq.-

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