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A petition was generated in our community about the zoning of property and names were forged that affected zoning.

Kingston Springs, TN |

Is there anything we can do? Our land is zones I2 and our county is telling us due to concerned neighbors that we can not construct a state approved gun range where the county gave approval. The neighbors drew up a petition and many named were forged and the county is stating that due to concerns they shut this business down. The business is ran and was constructed with county approval, state approval. THis is in a rural part of Tennessee and it's the good ole boys helping neighbors. Our land is zoned appropriately so the neighbors are threatening people that would not sign petition who rent from them to cancel their rental contracts and they are the property owner , but signed the names of the companies that they do not own. Names were also forged. Please help and advise

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Can you provide some more details about the county shutting your business down?

Also, can you provide some details about the state and county approval of the business?

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