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A person takes medication for a terminal medical condition then suddenly decides to stop, is that considered suicide?

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This person sent text messages to someone stating that he knew he was going to eventually die from his condition, so he decided to stop taking his medications and avoid prolonging the inevitable. The recipient of the messages notified police, who are now searching for the person to take him into custody for threatening suicide. Does that make sense and what might be the possible outcomes?

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A person who is threatening suicide may be taken to the hospital for a 72 hour hold to determine whether they are mentally stable. It is not clear that stopping the use of medications warrants such an action, but the police will perform a welfare check on a person if someone is concerned about their safety.

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A person has the right to make their own medical decisions on their own behalf so long as they are competent to do so. Moreover, a person's living will (if they have one) may dictate treatment, or the denial of treatment, when they are no longer able to make such decisions themselves. The situation you pose strikes me as odd, and makes me wonder if there are other facts that are not communicated in your post. However, generally speaking, no one can force us to undergo treatment we do not wish to undergo, thus allowing nature to take its course. Suicide, by contrast, is actively subverting the natural process and prematurely ending life. What you describe here does not strike me as suicide.

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


This question reads like homework for a school assignment.

Patterson S. Weaver III

Patterson S. Weaver III


Well--hope I helped them get an A.

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