A person in harris county jail for felony theft indictment of >200000 bond is 600000. arraignment 7-1-11.

my friend worked for a firm 16.5 years. she says she did not steal from her employer. i dont know who or what to believe or do. she says he fired her because he thought she started her own business. asked this before but did not get and answer. what can i do, expect, worse and best things that can happen to her. thanks

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Charles Elwood Soechting Jr.

Charles Elwood Soechting Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Dallas, TX

The law firm reported the theft to the police who referred it to the District Attorney/State of Texas.

She needs an attorney as theft of greater than $200,000 is a 1st Degree Felony punishable by prison sentence of 5-99 years or life and up to a $10,000 fine. If she has a defense she needs an attorney that can start working for her to prepare it. If she didn't do it, it should be easy to prove she didn't but she cannot waste time. If she cannot make the bond, an attorney can try to get it lowered but might not be successful.

You can help by determining what her assets are to be able to pay a lawyer and perhaps even calling one/several for her. Be cautious though about speaking with her at the jail as the conversations of inmates are recorded and can be reviewed and used against the inmate.

Good luck to her

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Cynthia Russell Henley

Cynthia Russell Henley

Criminal Defense Attorney - Houston, TX

See my answer to this same question you posted earlier (or later)

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