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A person gets arrested for the first timebut has 8 2nd and 3rd degree felony drug charges are they likely to get jail time

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was caught dealing drugs to an undercover detective

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The person is certainly facing prison time. However, depending upon the facts, there may be ways, including some drug court programs, to resolve the cases without the imposition of jail time. The person should really seek the advice of an attorney without delay. Our office is in Tarpon Springs and we offer free consultations. Please feel free to use/pass that information along and contact us.


He is definitely facing jail time. Whether he does any or not depends on a lot of factors. Drug court may be an option. Assisting authorities may be an option. The amount involved is also going to factor in. The person really needs to talk to an experienced attorney to fight this. The fact that an undercover detective was involved also means that there may be federal consequences separate and apart from any state charges. In fact, double jeopardy does not apply and he could be charged in both courts for the same offense. You can check the following webpage for those federal consequences and call me if you wish for more info.


While the person is facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, there is likely a good argument that the police engaged in sentencing entrapment (where they conduct multiple buys before arrest so the person will face mandatory prison).

A good attorney can obtain a departure sentence or charge bargain with the State Attorney.

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