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A pedestrian bumped into my car, and they are going to sue for injuries, where do I stand?

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I was in a parking lot w/ lots of cars. I was going very slow in a line of cars toward the exit when a teen came out between two cars that were parked on the side and, as I stepped on the brakes she bumped into my car, (front left tire). I asked her if she was ok, and she raised both hands and said í'm ok, I'm fine"" repeating it several times. I insisted and offerde her assistance and she said she was fine. I told her that she needed to look where she was going and waved her to finish crossing the streetand she did. She looked fine when I left.
Two weeks later the mother approached me, telling me that I went over her foot, that she had to take her to the hospital that night and she has a hair line fracture, and that it was a hit and run because I left her there injured.
what can I do?

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Your insurer will defend and indemnify you. Just tell the truth when you discuss this with your carrier and the attorney they appoint for you, if it comes to that.


You should not allow anyone to take your daughter's statement without an attorney present. You should also report the incident to your insurance company as soon as possible, if you haven't already done so. If a civil claim is made against your daughter, your insurance company will appoint and pay for a lawyer to represent and defend your daughter.

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